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ILB Specialist Support Services for Lawyers and business provides litigation support and bespoke legal support and disbursement services to the legal professions’ their clients, legal and HR departments, either directly or on advice.

As a professional you can engage ILB directly on behalf of your client, whether business or individual, in the same way as Local Authorities, Unions, Staff Associations, Federations, solicitors in private practice, Government departments. do presently.

If you are an individual or business and do not have representation or do not know where to turn, we can listen to your problem and try and help by guiding you to a specialist in the field.

Investigation services, searching, locating, interviewing witnesses, witness statementing UK and overseas.

Translators and interpreters within UK, and overseas in Country covering all dialects and regional, religious, tribal, political issues.

ILB Transcription Services are specialists in interview transcription. covert or sanitised recordings from any Audio and Video device or source material, tape, DVD, Video, camera, phone, smart phone.

Specialists in preparing transcripts from Video, DVD of ABE INTERVIEWS, vulnerable witness interviews.

All transcripts are prepared for use as evidence in all or any court proceedings.



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